Diogo Dalot Reveals This Manchester United Superstar Is His Inspiration

Diogo Dalot may not have made an impact at Manchester United but he has already won the hearts of many with his recent gesture.

The Portuguese was former manager Jose Mourinho’s one of the signings and has been trying to integrate himself to the first team setup. The 19 year old is regarded as one of the future prospects and is expected to represent the club in near future.

Dalot recently has made an incredible effort in a bid to help his boyhood football club Fintas. The right back has donated a part of his wage to his boyhood club and has bought a bus with his earnings.

Fintast co-ordinator Luis Travassos has opened up on the incident. “We received an invitation to dine at his parents’ house, a fantastic family that greatly contributed to his success.

“We thought we were going to get a signed Manchester United shirt and, indeed, it was there waiting for us, which left us radiant. But there was more…

“We talked to Diogo via Skype. He was on the bus going to a game. He told us to go outside. We had a van for the club on the doorstep!

“It was a shock! We were not expecting it.

“He prepared everything in secret: he reserved a budget from the first salary in England for that surprise. It’s very gratifying.

“This gave us chills. We had a van, but it was old.

“This comes to meet the requirements of the new legislation for the transport of children up to 14 years old: the windows open up only half, the back door only opens by the driver’s action, it requires license for transport of children.

“Coming from him, it doesn’t surprise us. He has always shown great principles of solidarity, showing a sense of help and concern for others.

“He got us used to acts of generosity, but of this size and after he barely arrived in Manchester.”



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