Manchester United teammate

Paul Pogba has backed his Manchester United teammate Alexis Sanchez and thinks that he will soon perform brilliantly for the club.

Sanchez is yet to live up to expectations after coming to Old Trafford in January.

His performances this season so far is not what one expects from a player who is paid £500,000 a week.

Sanchez played 60 minutes in Saturday’s match against Wolves before Jose Mourinho replaced him.

Paul Pogba said that his Manchester United teammate is working hard and trying to adapt to Manchester United’s style of football.

Pogba said, “What you have to know about Alexis is that he is a hard worker. He trains very well, he always tries to help the team, talks with the team and everything. He will get used to it. When you play a long time with another team and you play different football in that other team, you have some kind of adaptation that you have to have.

It’s not that he is playing bad. We know that Alexis Sanchez can bring a lot and I’m sure he will. He keeps being positive, so that’s the good thing we have to think about.”

Manchester United are currently 7th in the Premier League table with 10 points. Their next match is a Carabao Cup encounter against Derby County tomorrow before playing West Ham on Saturday.





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