Best Manchester United Kits

10 Best Manchester United Kits In The Premier League Era

10 best Manchester United kits? Best Manchester United kits in the Premier League era? Top 10 best Manchester United kits in the Premier League?

From the signings of talented magicians like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, we have seen the club break record number of sales almost every single year. The last person who broke the record for jersey sales was Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

Over the years of the club’s success, we have come to recognize some of their best jerseys in the Premier League era.

Let’s take a look at the ten best shirts ever worn by the Red Devils –

10. Away Kit 2016/17

Hottest Manchester United Kits In The Premier League Era

9. Home Kit 1996/97

Eric Cantona Manchester United Attire 1996-97

8. Home Kit 2018/19

Paul Pogba

7. Third Kit 2015/16

6. Home Kit 2007/08

Best Manchester United Kits

5. Home Kit 2003/04

Top 5 United Kits 2004-05

4. Home Kit 2005/06

Manchester United Shirts 2006-07

3. Away Kit 2006/07

Top Red Devils Jerseys 2007-08

2. Third Kit 2008/09

Top 10 Manchester United Kits In The Premier League Era

1. Home Kit 2012/13

Best Manchester United Kit Ever

Easily a candidate for the worst Manchester United kit ever but it is here, at the very top because of sentimental reasons. The Red Devils players sported this tablecloth pattern in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season as the club manager and went on to collect their 20th League title. It definitely makes it into one of the 10 best Manchester United kits ever.

It was a season full of comeback wins and Robin van Persie simply looked like a giant in this jersey, wearing the number 20 on his back. He also scored one of the Premier League’s best ever goals in that season. Here, check it out – just skip ahead to 6:38.


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