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Manchester United have now found themselves in a similar state as they did last year. Following Solskjaer’s appointment as the permanent manager, the Red Devils find themselves with only 9 points from 8 games and in the 12th positions.

In such turbulent times, United’s fanbase has been divided, with some portion of the fans thinking Solskjaer deserves to be axed. However, for the Norwegian to present his casez there are certain points he can stress on. Let’s see what they are.

5. Injuries

The media has been ranting on about how United have managed to score more than one goal in only one game this season. They smashed Chelsea with a 4-0 scoreline on an opening day.

However, following that game, Solskjaer has lost a major chunk of his senior players to injuries. Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Victor Lindelof, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Luke Shaw; the list goes on.

He deserves to be given time to incorporate his philosophy and that is something that will take time to succeed. With all due respect, the Glazers should sympathize with Solskjaer’s plight first before they even think of wielding the axe.

4. Managerial circus

How long and how many managers are United going to put under the bus just because the players don’t perform well? Ever since Sir Alex retired, Solskjaer is the fourth manager to be appointed in six years.

And yet, United haven’t been able to find their feet, which clearly shows that the absence of stability is a big reason for their struggles. The board has made some reckless decisions which is why United’s plight is aggravated to a level that wasn’t expected.

Solskjaer being a loyal Man United player himself understands what is needed better than any other person. The Norwegian is trying to re-establish the winning culture at Carrington. He already stated that changes won’t happen overnight in just one season; it will take time.

If the United board are actually looking for a long-term solution, they already have one on their hards.

3. The transfer inactivity

As the summer approached, Manchester United promised a squad overhaul to their fans and did exactly the opposite of that. They did make three good additions in Maguire, James and Wan-Bissaka, but their net-spend was just £75m.

Knowing the kind of massive work that was left to be done, Ed Woodward and his team were pretty slow in their approach to deliver the targets. They needed at least five players this window to field a good, strong squad that could challenge for the title.

Unless and until Solskjaer gets full backing from the hierarchy, it would be unfair to sack him and then rue the decision.

2. He needs time

Solskjaer already said this before the season commenced; with the mess Manchester United were in, it was never gonna be a one-night job to clear it all up. Added to that, the 46-year-old also has a few positive improvements to show since he became the permanent gaffer.

With the sort of academy players coming through, Solskjaer needs to find the right seniors and then create a good blend of youngsters and experienced players. For that to happen, he does need to have at least three or four transfer windows.

Only then will it be prudent to judge him.

1. The mentality

When players don’t perform we always blame the manager. That has been the case for United mostly all these years. But what’s worth understanding is that coaches can only help so much when it comes to playing the actual game.

On the pitch, United have looked toothless and lost on a number of occasions, with no player or a group of leaders to guide them. Solskjaer has reiterated how he is impressed with the players’ work-ethic but it’s clearly visible he is trying to keep a good atmosphere.

The players need to show the winning mentality and the cutting edge, both of which are in scarcity at Old Trafford.



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