Alex Telles explains rivalry with teammate Luke Shaw

Summer signing Alex Telles and Luke Shaw motivates each other.

The Red Devils brought in Telles for a £15m fee from Porto last summer in order to provide competition to Luke Shaw.

Since his arrival, Luke Shaw has been in a phenomenal run of form and Telles has been restricted to only seven league appearances.

‘When you’ve got a situation like that, then the team can only benefit from it,’ Telles told United’s official website. And it’s Man United that wins from that [situation].

‘In terms of the two of us, we both motivate each other and push each other further forward and we help each other. That’s really, really important throughout the team, independent of the positions we play.’

‘I’ve always said that, when you’ve got players of the highest quality in the team, then the thing that ends up benefiting is Manchester United; the team,’ he said.

‘Since I’ve arrived here, I’ve worked as hard as I can and I’ve done everything I can to show that I deserve to be here, and I think I’ve done that.

‘At the same time, I’m really happy for Luke Shaw, who has made great progress and has been playing really well. He trains really well and he’s done excellently in the matches as well.’


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