Top 5 best Manchester United players of decade
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Best Manchester United players of decade – Top 5

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Manchester United may have been the team with the biggest fall from grace this decade, but a sea of transition is finally starting to look like it might bear positive consequences by the start of 2020. Looking back at an eventful 2012-2023 for the Red Devils, there are still plenty of cheerful moments to write home about.

This will forever be the decade that saw United lose their greatest ever manager in Sir Alex Ferguson, after he retired at the end of the 2012-13 season, and a number of players have since come in and gone out without much fuss. However, some stars of this decade made a big impact and we list five of them today.

Top 5 best Manchester United players of decade (2013-2023)

5. Antonio Valencia- Best Manchester United players of decade

Top 5 best Manchester United players

Sir Alex Ferguson had to replace a massive void in his club when Cristiano Ronaldo departed United to join Real Madrid. After all, Cristiano had been phenomenal throughout his time in England.
His hunt continued, and ultimately, an unknown Ecuadorian was granted the historic number 7 shirt to take over right-wing responsibilities for Manchester United.

Antonio Valencia has the speed and energy to become a dangerous attacking threat from the wings. However, only muscle and speed are insufficient to make an effective winger.

Valencia’s lack of skill in front of goal became clear as they were unable to match Ronaldo’s heroics. He finally evolved into a squad player.

4. Michael Carrick- Best Manchester United players of decade

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Every manager wishes for a player who can bring calm and serenity to the squad. Someone who can complete the most difficult things while making them appear simple.
Jose Mourinho recruited Nemanja Matic from Chelsea for this reason. Prior to Matic, though, Michael Carrick had joined United from Tottenham Hotspur.

Sir Alex insisted on acquiring Carrick because he wanted to strengthen his midfield and construct a squad for the future.

Carrick has been a rock in the heart of Manchester United’s midfield. He can pick out a pass from even the tightest of areas and totally protects the defence. He sets the tempo of the game and may launch counterattacks by making moves.

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that Carrick began to achieve his full potential. The English international reached his prime about the same time as Paul Scholes began to slow down, allowing for a smooth transition in midfield.

Sir Alex frequently referred to him as the best centre midfielder in the league. Carrick was at the pinnacle of his game during Fergie’s last season.

3. David de Gea- Best Manchester United players of decade

Top 5 best Manchester United players of decade
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The best goalkeeper in the world? It wasn’t always like this. David de Gea was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson in 2011 after scouts found his incredible shot stopping skills good enough to replace the great Edwin van der Sar, but life at United was far from happy during the Spaniard’s early days at the club. His small stature let him be bullied by opposition players and defending corners became an impossible task for the custodian, who was often replaced by a second and third choice keeper early on in his United career.

However, de Gea persevered, and a few many protein shakes later, he was a changed man. Making his name once Louis van Gaal came in, fans saw the best of the former Atletico Madrid goalie, and his heroics continue to save the club from embarrassing score lines even today.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo- Best Manchester United players of decade

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Sir Alex Ferguson, who managed Manchester United for 26 years, said in his book ‘though I managed great players in this time, there were only 4 world class players. Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes,Cristiano Ronaldo. And Cristiano was like Star on the Christmas tree’

If Ronaldo leaves Manchester United tomorrow, he will have accomplished something no other player in Manchester United or English football has ever done.

So far during his time with United, he has won a Carling Cup, an FA Cup, a Champions League, two Premier League titles, twice player of the year (one of which was followed by a younger player of the year, something only Andy Gray has done), Champions League player of the year, C.L best forward, and is expected to win the FIFA and Ballon d’Or later this year.

Others may be asked the same question, but none have scored 42 goals in a season like Ronaldo. He has already cemented his position on the mantle of legends.

1. Wayne Rooney- Best Manchester United players of decade

Top 5 best Manchester United players of decade
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Any conversation about a club’s great players cannot go far without mentioning its greatest ever goal scorer, and hence Wayne Rooney becomes an easy fit into this list. The former United captain has 253 goals in all competitions during his time at Old Trafford, overtaking the great Sir Bobby Charlton and writing his name into history, and a lot of that success came once the 2010s rolled in. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Amid talk of him leaving for either Chelsea, Real Madrid or even Manchester City, Rooney stuck it out, and became the go-to guy for the troubled Reds even when Sir Alex was no longer manager. He finally left the club in 2017, but left behind a legacy.





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