Bruno Fernandes admits seeing problems at United since arrival

Fernandes has the tendency to see problems everywhere when he loses.

The influential Portuguese playmaker has racked up 30 goals and 20 assists in 55 odd appearances for the Red Devils.

In a recent interview, he revealed that he has an undying passion for winning matches and quickly looks to improve when he loses.

“I don’t react well when we lose, I don’t like losing. I know people say sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but that’s not how I think,” the 26-year-old said told TV2.

“For me, it’s about winning every single time. I don’t care who we play against, it’s just about winning every time.

“I know that people think differently, and for some people it goes well even if you lose, but when I lose, I see problems everywhere, I see problems with myself, I see what I’ve done wrong and I’m unhappy.

“That’s how I’ve been since I was little. When I lost, I went home and closed myself inside a room. When my mother shouted that dinner was ready, I had locked the door so that no one could enter.

“But she knew it would go over and that I would come out when I was hungry.”


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