Bruno Fernandes hit back at Gary Neville and Roy Kean after using disgrace word in 7-0 defeat to Liverpool

Former United teammate Keane called Fernandes’ body language disgraceful during Liverpoool game.

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has finally hit back at Gary Neville and Roy Keane after the pundits branded him a “disgrace” in their 7-0 defeat to Liverpool last month.

Erik ten Hag’s side faced one of the biggest loss in the history of Premier League. Neville took issue with Fernandes, who was seen throwing his arms up in the air in frustration after 85 minutes as Anthony Elanga replaced Marcus Rashford.

Speaking as the substitute was happening, Neville told Sky Sports: “Bruno Fernandes is stood in the centre circle with his arms raised saying ‘why is it me not coming off?’

“Honestly, I have to say some of his behaviour in the second half has been a disgrace.”

Neville added: “I’ve had enough of him throwing his arms about, not running about.

“That wasn’t a captain’s performance by him.”

Former United teammate Keane said: “Fernandes’ body language today was disgraceful.”

It’s taken a while, but Fernandes has now responded to the criticism, insisting the United pundits say things to get “attention”, and that most of what was said was “complete lies”.

Fernandes told Sky Sports: “I kind of understand behind that but I can’t control that. We all know pundits have to say something to keep their work.

“The more bad things they say, the more work they get, sometimes. We all have to live with that but for me, it’s about my team-mates being okay with that. Whenever they are not, I would like them to tell me so I can calm myself down.

“Most of the things that were said after that game were complete lies. Because I waved my arms, they [assumed] that I said something that I didn’t say.

“The pundits always want to say something to get attention and credit from the people outside. Sometimes they say something to say.”

He added: “It’s really frustrating, because it’s a really bad result.

“The first half was really good, we created most of the chances, they didn’t create much. The second half was not our level.

“We know how much better we can be, how much quality we have. We’ve set good standards for ourselves, now we must get back to that for ourselves and our fans.”

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