Bruno reveals free-kick strategy after netting winner against Liverpool

Manchester United won a thriller last night in the FA Cup against Liverpool.

The Reds took on Red Devils in Old Trafford and it was a fitting tie full of goals as the match swung from one end to another. Ultimately, it was United who prevailed to win the match 3-2 after Bruno Fernandes scored a winner in the 3-2 fixture 10 minutes from full time.

Bruno has now talked about the lead up in tactics which saw him score from the free kick.

“Edi before the free-kick told me: ‘try a hard one on the side of the keeper’. I tried it and it went in well,” Fernandes said.

Despite Fermandes working on his technique of late, he explained it wasn’t a forgone conclusion he’d take the set-piece.

“No, no! I think normally a little bit more long distance is for Rash (Marcus Rashford). I think he feels more comfortable [from there], for me it is the same, to go the [closer] distance. I think closer to the box is better for me, for the kind of shot I have,” said the Portuguese international.

“Of course, if Juan (Mata) and Alex (Telles) are on the pitch it’s a chance for them, more on the right side. I think we have good free-kick specialists. I think we have some players who can take [good free-kicks]. It will depend on the moment. In that moment, I felt I was confident to take the free-kick. It was me and luckily it was a goal.

“I think with this result, with a goal in the last minutes, it would be really good. I think the fans would love it,” he added.

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