Cristiano Ronaldo massively influential in Mason Mount's career

Mason Mount claims Ronaldo had a big influence on his professional career.

Chelsea star Mason Mount has looked up to Man United legend Cristiano Ronaldo on his rise as a football player and has been massively influential for this club in the last couple of years.

Though both Ronaldo and Mount don’t possess many similarities in terms of positioning or physicality but Mount has an excellent technique when striking the ball.

“I think everyone has seen the video of when I was younger basing my free kick off him. I always watched him very closely when he was at United as a young kid. I loved the way he played, his free kicks,” said Mount, speaking to Amazon Video Sport.

“So I always try to look at and work out, what can I do, to put it into my game? But now to play against him [Ronaldo] and be up against him is the journey that you go on from watching someone in the stands as a fan and then to being on the same pitch and playing against them. It’s a crazy journey and yeah, that’s why I love football so much,” added Mount.


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