Darren Fletcher reveals a whole new Ryan Giggs

Former Manchester United star Darren Fletcher has revealed that his team-mate Ryan Giggs had a whole different side to him than the one showed to the world.

Fletcher famously missed the finals of the 2009 Champions League due to a suspension after he was sent off and now the midfielder has recalled what Giggs did.

When the final whistle goes, Ryan Giggs is around the referee, basically saying to him ‘what are you doing sending off Darren Fletcher?’ Berating him almost,” he said.

“This is Ryan Giggs. The team has just got to a Champions League final. He should be celebrating, rightly so, like the rest of the lads were. Celebrating with the fans, celebrating with each other.

“He’s right in the referee’s ear, berating him for sending me off and trying to plead with him to do something about it.

“We never know what team Sir Alex Ferguson would have played, but he [Giggs] is not thinking of himself in that moment.”

“I just think that speaks volumes of a leader and a guy like Ryan Giggs ,” added Fletcher.

“In that moment, he wasn’t thinking about himself but about the effect that decision might have on myself or the team and about how wrong that decision was. He wasn’t thinking about his own personal glory.

“To do what he did for so long as a left winger to then reinvent himself as a central midfielder. It’ll never be achieved again, what he did. That longevity, that ability to be so good.

“People don’t respect and understand how he good he was during that longevity, it was unbelievable.

“An angry Ryan Giggs is the best player. When he had a bee in his bonnet and he had a point to prove, whether he’d been out of the team for a few games, he was a different animal completely.

“’You’re questioning me?’ That Ryan Giggs is a whole different level.”

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