Brighton and Hove Albion defender Shane Duffy has revealed his love for Manchester United along with that of his family and friends. He has admitted to the fact that playing at Old Trafford holds a special place for him in his heart.

Speaking to the media, the Seagulls defensive spearhead said, “I’ve had to get a lot of tickets for people because they are all Man United fans. My mates are texting me saying ‘I’ll let you score as long as you let us win’. It’s good banter! I actually grew up a United fan, at least until I was about 13 or 14 when I stopped. So, I have some good memories as a kid. I had all the kits and my mum put me in them watching the game.”

He added, “It was always United and Celtic for me in those days. Then when I started playing I stuck with Celtic and that’s the team I followed. But in England I would say Man United. My mum was buzzing when I scored against them this season.”

Duffy also said, “A win at one of the big six has got to happen at some stage. I think the key is you have to believe you’re going to win the game. Some teams go there and are almost beaten already. But you have to go there and think ‘why can’t we beat them?’”

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