Fabrizio Romano gives major transfer boost for Sergio Reguilon to United

Sergio Reguilon has been given a major United transfer boost by sports journalist Fabrizio Romano.

Romano claims that La Liga giants Real Madrid is in talks and have offered their left back to Premier League side Manchester United.

Reguilon has been in fine form as he showed off his skills during the season-long loan spell with Sevilla – which left Madrid considering to retain him. 

Further, in other transfer boosts, there seems to be one for Jadon Sancho – Borussia Dortmund winger and long time United target. Sancho has spoken about how he feels about the £100million huge price tag on him – and whether he wants to leave or not.

“I guess it’s a nice feeling to be worth so much, but again, I don’t really look at it that much,” he said. “For me it’s about doing well for my team and doing well for myself as well.

“When I have a s*** game I’m just down. I feel s*** about myself. So I always like having a good game and showing people what I can do.

“I know what I can do, and if I play bad then I’m just p***** off with myself. Next game I’ll try and improve on whatever I’ve done wrong.”

When asked about his rapid shift from City to Dortmund, he said: “It’s about patience. You can’t rush things. Everything happens for a reason. If it was meant to be this year that I broke through, then I’d be more than happy.

“I’m still young at the end of the day. But obviously I was lucky enough that I had the coaches that had faith in me, and they took a chance. The last few years have gone so quick for me and I’m enjoying the journey.”

Maybe Manchester United need to have some more patience with his agents?

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