Top 10 Famous Manchester United fans who support The Red Devils

Famous Manchester United fans who support The Red Devils? Which famous celebrities like Manchester United? Which A-Listers are fans of Manchester United? Manchester United are one of the biggest football clubs in the world, and has millions of fans all over the globe.

Top 10 most famous Manchester United fans ever

There are famous celebrities who are known and recognised by everyone in the world, that support Manchester United. Here is a Top 10 list of famous faces you’ll know that support our beloved team.

10. Rey Mysterio (WWE Wrestler)Top 10 Famous Manchester United Fans Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is an avid supporter of Manchester United. His fondness for former United striker Javier Hernandez was quite admirable and it led to the player extending his support for the Red Devils. The famous wrestler even had a tour of the whole stadium and the dressing room alongside his kids.

9. Harry Styles (Singer)Top 10 Famous Manchester United Fans Harry Styles

Member of the famous band One Direction, Harry Styles is known to be an ardent Manchester United fan. he once shared a photo of Rio Ferdinand’s jersey and follows the game pretty regularly.



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