Fletcher On Pogba And Fernandes:

Former Manchester United player James Fletcher has pointed out that if Paul Pogba and new signing Bruno Fernandes play together – it’s going to need some changes.

He talks about some compromises that have to be made in the MUTV podcast if the two players are to be put together on the field.

“Without doubt, of course. Great players can come together,’” the ex-United midfielder told MUTV . “Listen: somebody might have to sacrifice a little bit of something – that’s part of being in a team, it’s not an individual sport.

“When you play with a certain midfield, whether it’s a midfield three, you adapt your game to complement each other. That’s what I had to do at United. I was in the team with lots of different midfielders, lots of combinations and, if a certain midfielder was playing, I would try to take up positions to allow him to benefit and he would do things to allow me to benefit.

“It’s all about being compatible and recognising the strengths of your fellow team-mates and how to get your best performance, but, ultimately, you might be sacrificing what you do best to allow someone else to excel, which helps the team win.”

Fletcher further talks about how he feels about Fernandes being at United.

“I think he’s been fantastic. His ability has been there for everyone to see. For me, it’s been his personality and his attitude,” Fletcher added.

“He tries things, he tries difficult passes but, when he gives it away, it’s his reaction after he does it. It’s fantastic, his hunger to try and get the ball back. He doesn’t throw his arms up in the air or sulk and moan.

“He’s bossing people on the pitch, he’s taking responsibility. He’s looked like the epitome of a Manchester United player. He wants to be there, he wants the ball, he demands the ball.

“Ability’s not enough. You need personality to play for Manchester United and he epitomises it.”

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