Former Man United forward sends warning to struggling Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial’s goal drought this season should be a concern for the Frenchman.

The French forward has so far scored two goals this season and is yet to make a mark in the Premier League.

Former United legend Dimitar Berbatov asks him to learn from veteran Edinson Cavani and should try to bully defenders and get dirty when necessary.

Berbatov told Betfair: “I was thinking about him and there were fans messaging me on social media about him asking what is going on with him and why he isn’t producing and scoring goals.”

“He needs to up his game, not only him but the whole team too. In the really important games he needs to shine even more.

“I’ve been surprised with how well Edinson Cavani has performed, the guy is 33 years old and he’s running around the pitch like he’s a 25-year-old, fighting for the ball, making spaces, the passion he had is still there and that is something that Martial needs to look at and improve on.

“He needs to bully defenders and get dirty from time to time.

“He has the other attributes like technique, speed and stamina and other things like that, but in some games, like the one against PSG, you need to be a bit nasty and when you have an opportunity to score, you need to score.”

“I hope it’s just a blip for him because I like him as a player and as a human, I hope he can continue and get better with his development,” added the Bulgarian.

“I can tell that Solskjaer likes him a lot as well with the amount of game time he is getting.

“Hopefully, after the games, win or lose he looks for advice from Ole, and with Cavani there he can see how he is moving around and they’ve both been in the French league so they will know each other.

“The examples are around him, he only needs to look around him and ask, it’s as simple as that. On the training pitch he just needs to stay and work on things that may be missing from his game.”


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