Fred rips into

Manchester United midfielder Fred has launched a scathing attack on the players in the club.

United are currently 8th on the table.

However, what is even more scary for the Red Devils is that despite spending over 200 million Euros in the market this season, they have not looked remotely close to being a top team.

“We are lacking a lot right now,” Fred said.

“First of all we need to figure out things on the pitch, we are lacking creativity, especially in midfield.

“We also need to improve as a group, our group lacks the “sticking together” mentality’, we have lots of problems.

“There are a lot of discussion, every group has this sort of problem, but ours has this.”

Players like Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba who seem more interested in making it a one-man show than a team game have also been called out by Fred.

“Vanity is also an issue and we need to stop this and just run on the pitch.

“We need to stick a goal inside our minds, focus on it and go forward.

“We need to be on the same page and today some players have different objectives, there are players that just want to solve problems alone and this is wrong.”

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