Gary Neville explains major concern behind title challenge for Man Unitedv

Man United is in the takeover process that could affect the summer window.

The takeover situation surrounding Man United could affect the team in their title challenge next season.

The Glazers have set three deadlines for offers over the past few months with Sheikh Jassim reportedly tabling an ’11th-hour’ offer last week.

Gary Neville singled out Liverpool and ignored Man United when he was asked which other clubs could challenge Manchester City next season.

“The reason I’ve not said Manchester United right now is there’s going to be a lot of turbulence in Manchester in the next four to six weeks,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“Obviously the Glazers are at some point going to make a decision if they get their act together – it’s pathetic, what they’re doing.

“At some point the new owners are going to come in and they’re going to need to get their feet under the table. To actually think they’re going to challenge in their first season, it could happen, but I think there’s going to be so much turbulence in terms of the recruitment and what’s happening.”


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