Gary Neville: Schmeichel was harsh to me

Neville revealed which player gave him the most ‘stick’ during his years at Old Trafford

Gary Neville is a legendary member of the 92nd generation of Manchester United and he spent his entire playing career at Old Trafford, and as a right-back who won everything that could be won under Sir Alex Ferguson, he now clarifies that his beginnings in the first team were not easy at all.

In the moments when he was breaking through as a youngster, the standard choice for the right back position for Fergie was Paul Parker, but the promising defender came to the fore after the starting back earned an accident injury. Neville reveals that the first two years were not easy for him at all, especially due to the fact that he was brutally humiliated by the legendary Peter Schmeichel, who was one of the team’s seniors at the time.

– The man who was most rude to me was definitely Peter Schmeichel. He was brutal with me for the first two years. Unlike him, Steve Bruce helped me a lot during that time. He played right in defense and helped me. I was a right back when Parker was injured.

– Parker was a fantastic defender, but unfortunately he got injured and I got a chance that way. At the time, Bruce was very careful with me, he was the man who talked to me throughout the match. Steve taught me a lot in the first years, he had the biggest and most significant impact on me, – reveals Gary, who finally returns to Schmeichel.

– Schmeichel constantly criticized me, at every training. “After a year, he told me I would never replace Paul Parker, he thought I was not good enough for United,” Neville told Sky Sports.

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