Giggsy on taking out an entire Arsenal side by himself!

On the 21st anniversary of his stunning solo goal against Arsenal in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, Ryan Giggs has talked about the occasion. 

‘When I was playing I never ever watched it but obviously, I’ve had kids and they have never seen me play so it is good to watch it back with them so they can see what the old man used to do,’ he told Sky Sports.

‘It was us and Arsenal back then. We were the two brilliant teams, we were so alike, similar characters and two great managers and at that time, the rivalry was at its peak.

‘I had come off the bench and was having a nightmare actually. I had given the ball away a couple of times so I said to myself next time I am going to have a dribble and run.

‘We were down to 10 men, it was one of those times that was purely instinctive, running with the ball and beating players and next thing I knew I was in the box and decided to shoot. Scholesy [Paul Scholes] was free in the box screaming for it but I thought I am in the box I am going to shoot.’

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