Glazers reveal stance on selling Manchester United!

Manchester United are a club in decline. 

With the fans unhappy with the club owners, they have called for the owners’ heads. However, Glazers have revealed they have no intention of selling the club.

At this moment in time, everything that’s going on above the manager’s head is shocking,” Parker told Express Sport.

“The stories are coming out all the time.

“It’s becoming a hard world for everyone. It’s hard enough being an ex-player for a club, and if you played for that club and you enjoyed your time, you have a feeling for the club.

“You may not support them, but you at least want them to be right, and you don’t want them to be discriminated [against].

“At this moment in time, United are being discriminated [against]. The football side is, by the business side of it.

“It’s Manchester United. It’s not Manchester United FC anymore. It was a football club. Not a business, it was a football club for one side of the people of Manchester. Even that’s been taken away now.”

We dont think the fans and the other stakeholders will be happy to wait even more to get back to their glory days. 

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