How Eriksen's sale can help Manchester United

Manchester United are in with a huge struggle to finish top 4.

Currently, their competitors are Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and somewhat Sheffield.

Even if we consider Sheffield to steam out in the second half, Chelsea will be tough to negotiate. However, the Blues have not signed anyone and Lampard is inexperienced. With FA Cup and CL pressures, Chelsea too might lose way.

That leaves Spurs. They are a regular in CL these days and under Jose, they have a manager who knows how to get the job done.

So how do we see United making it?

Well as discussed before, their main rival Spurs right now will be set to lose Christian Eriksen. And Eriksen gone and Harry Kane injured means that Spurs will be crucially crippled.

Paul Merson also seems to agree with us about Spurs.

“I’m quite shocked. For Tottenham to sell Christian Eriksen for £17m… that’s a cup of tea in the foof team quite shocked. For Tottenham to sell Christian Eriksen for £17million… that’s a cup of tea in the football world in this day and age!” Merson said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“Tottenham need to get into the top four. They’re in a new stadium, they’ve brought Jose Mourinho in… I’d be shocked if they were able to replace Eriksen in four days. And if they don’t replace him, I don’t see them getting in.

“I know he hasn’t been pulling up trees – and I know he’s had a bit of stick recently from the fans – but they haven’t got anyone better. If I was Jose, I would have been saying, sort yourself out and stay.”

United will be hoping that if they cannot land Eriksen, he at least stops playing for their rivals.

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