Jadon Sancho

In the lead-up to the Champions League final clash between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho didn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts on Jadon Sancho’s tumultuous stint at Old Trafford.

Pointing a critical finger at Erik ten Hag, Mourinho suggested that the Dutch manager bore some responsibility for not harnessing Sancho’s full potential during his time in Manchester.

Mourinho, speaking candidly on TNT Sports, acknowledged Sancho’s undeniable talent while also highlighting the managerial role in player development.

“For sure the kid made mistakes. But for sure also his manager was not able to get the best out of him,” Mourinho asserted, reflecting on Sancho’s resurgence upon returning to Borussia Dortmund on loan.

The Portuguese tactician, drawing from his extensive coaching experience, stressed the importance of understanding a player’s nature and fostering the right environment for growth.

“If I look to my own history sometimes I failed with players, I couldn’t create the right empathy and I couldn’t understand the player’s DNA,” Mourinho reflected, adding a touch of humility to his analysis.

While acknowledging the complexity of player development, Mourinho emphasized the pivotal role managers play in shaping a player’s trajectory.

“Normally it is not multi-factorial. Normally it is the manager, the player, the family, the agent, the club,” he remarked, underscoring the coach’s influence in steering a player’s career path.

In Mourinho’s view, Sancho’s struggles at Manchester United weren’t solely the result of the player’s shortcomings but also a reflection of the managerial dynamics at play.

As football enthusiasts await the thrilling Champions League final, Mourinho’s insights add depth to the ongoing discourse surrounding Sancho’s journey in the world of football.

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