Jose Mourinho's Manchester diaries

Jose Mourinho has talked about what went wrong between Manchester United and him.

The two parties parted ways back in December 2018 and while Mourinho has done better for himself, United are stuck in that old loop.

‘In a certain period of my career, with a profile of club I was getting in hand, we didn’t need as much time to reach success,’ Mourinho told The Independent.
‘We did it at Porto, Inter, Real, Chelsea, both times, we did it without that need of that longevity …
‘…The first club where I felt I need time and time was not given was at Manchester United, because I felt that I left at the middle of the process, but I learn very early to respect decisions, which I did at United.
‘We did what we did, we did what was possible to do, and we move on.
‘I am happy, they are happy, and we have a great relation, which is something I am very proud always to say, when I leave clubs, I keep very good relationship with everybody, and United is one more example of that.’

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