Lee Dixon and Townsend disagree over Wan Bissaka

Lee Dixon has said that he thinks Aaron Wan Bissaka needs a lot of defensive coaching.

“I think Wan-Bissaka’s a really great signing for them although needs huge amounts of coaching in my opinion defensively,” the Arsenal legend said on The Season So Far.

“I always say that about full-backs anyway and the game is different I understand that.”

However, Townsend disagrees with the Arsenal legend.

“Yeah I disagree with Lee about Wan-Bissaka’s defending,” Townsend responded.

“Having played on the same side as him for a year and a bit, for me he’s the best one-v-one defender I’ve ever seen or have ever definitely shared the pitch with.

“So maybe going forward he can improve some things but definitely defensively he’s incredible and for someone who was a winger 18 months ago, to see someone defend that well one v one is special and I’m not surprised that Man United have come in so soon.”

Let me just quantify what I said,” Dixon replied back.

“I agree with [Townsend] one v one, but probably 65-70 per cent, even more, of a full-back’s job is not one v one.

“I think give [Wan-Bissaka] a one v one and I’d take him all day long.

“But his position, his relationship with his centre-half, his relationship with his midfield player, his relationship with his inside midfield player, all of that takes time, it takes education about where to be.”




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