Longest-Serving Manchester United Manager Of All Time

Longest-Serving Manchester United Managers Of All Time

Longest-serving Manchester United managers of all-time? Which Manchester United managers have lasted the longest? Manchester United football managers? Matt Busby? David Moyes? Jose Mourinho? Who are the longest-lasting Manchester United managers?

Here, we look at the longest-serving Manchester United managers of all-time. We will look through the history of Manchester United managers to find out who was the best.

When you think of long-serving Manchester United football managers, you automatically think of Sir Alex Ferguson. Well, that is because he is among the top 10 longest-serving managers in the history of European football. No one has managed a club longer or more successfully in the Premier League than the Scotsman. The only person who gave him some competition in longevity was Arsene Wenger with Arsenal.

Being a manager is tough these days. The managerial turn-over is very high. It is not uncommon to see a manager get sacked after just a few bad results.

But back in the old days, Sir Alex Ferguson made himself absolutely indispensable up until the very day he chose to retire. You might find a second manager like him which is why it would be wise to manage your expectations. Managers such as David Moyes and
Louis van Gaal was sacked after a very short period wheres Ferguson was given a considerable bit of time to prove his worth early on. Now, he is one of the best coaches to have ever graced this beautiful game!

Manchester United Managers List

Manchester United Current Manager

Manchester United Football Club is a football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. The club was found in Newton Heath in 1878, initially known as Newton Heath LYR F.C. They played their first competitive match in October 1886 in the first round of the 1886/87 FA Cup. The club was renamed Manchester United in 1902 and moved to Old Trafford in 1910.

Manchester United have so far employed 22 full-time managers. Their current manager is Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who took over from Jose Mourinho in December 2018 as caretaker manager, before being appointed permanently in March 2019.

A. H. Albut England18921900(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
James West England1900Sep-0311346204715914740.7
Ernest Mangnall England10-Oct-0309-Sep-12373202769570047654.2
T. J. Wallworth England09-Sep-1220-Oct-12632111750
John Bentley England28-Oct-1228-Dec-148236163012711043.9
Jack Robson England28-Dec-1431-Oct-2113941425618320729.5
John Chapman Scotland31-Oct-2108-Oct-2622186587728727438.9
Lal Hilditchp England08-Oct-2613-Apr-2733101013384730.3
Herbert Bamlett England13-Apr-2709-Nov-3118357428428037431.2
Walter Crickmer England09-Nov-3113-Jul-324317818727639.5
Scott Duncan Scotland13-Jul-3207-Nov-3723592539037136239.2
Walter Crickmer England09-Nov-3715-Feb-457630242213111239.5
Matt Busby Scotland01-Oct-4504-Jun-691,1205652632922,2861,53650.5
Jimmy Murphy(caretaker) WalesFeb-58Jun-58225710274222.7
Wilf McGuinness England04-Jun-6929-Dec-708732322312711136.8
Matt Busby Scotland29-Dec-7008-Jun-71211137383052.4
Frank O’Farrell Ireland08-Jun-7119-Dec-728130242711511137
Tommy Docherty Scotland22-Dec-7204-Jul-77228107566533325246.9
Dave Sexton England14-Jul-7730-Apr-8120181645629024040.3
Ron Atkinson England09-Jun-8106-Nov-86292146796746126650
Alex Ferguson Scotland06-Nov-8619-May-131,5008953382672,7691,36559.7
David Moyes Scotland01-Jul-1322-Apr-145127915865452.9
Ryan Giggs (caretaker) Wales22-Apr-1411-May-1442118350
Louis van Gaal Netherlands16-Jul-1423-May-161035425241589852.4
José Mourinho Portugal27-May-1618-Dec-1814484322824412158.3
Ole Gunnar Solskjær Norway19-Dec-18Present301749513556.7

Manchester United Managers With Trophies

Ernest Mangnall England10-Oct-0309-Sep-1254.162 First Division titles
1 FA Cup
2 Charity Shields
Scott Duncan Scotland13-Jul-3207-Nov-3739.151 Second Division title
Matt Busby Scotland01-Oct-4504-Jun-6950.455 First Division titles
2 FA Cups
5 Charity Shields (inc. 2 shared)
1 European Cup
Jimmy Murphy(caretaker) WalesFeb-58Jun-5822.73
Wilf McGuinness England04-Jun-6929-Dec-7036.78
Matt Busby Scotland29-Dec-7008-Jun-7152.38
Frank O’Farrell Ireland08-Jun-7119-Dec-7237.04
Tommy Docherty Scotland22-Dec-7204-Jul-7746.931 FA Cup
1 Second Division title
Dave Sexton England14-Jul-7730-Apr-8140.31 Charity Shield (shared)
Ron Atkinson England09-Jun-8106-Nov-86502 FA Cups
1 Charity Shield
Alex Ferguson Scotland06-Nov-8619-May-1359.6713 Premier League titles
5 FA Cups
4 League Cups
10 Community Shields (inc. 1 shared)
2 UEFA Champions Leagues
1 European Cup Winners’ Cup
1 European Super Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
1 FIFA Club World Cup
David Moyes Scotland01-Jul-1322-Apr-1452.941 Community Shield
Ryan Giggs (caretaker) Wales22-Apr-1411-May-1450
Louis van Gaal Netherlands16-Jul-1423-May-1652.431 FA Cup
José Mourinho Portugal27-May-1618-Dec-1858.331 UEFA Europa League
1 League Cup
1 Community Shield

Longest-Serving Manchester United Managers Ever

So, here we will list all Manchester United previous managers. In our Manchester United managers list, we will sort the managers from the longest time at the club down to the shortest.

Obviously, Sir Alex Ferguson is the longest-serving manager at Manchester United but who is second?

Matt Busby

Matt Busby was called upon to manage Manchester United and he oversaw the club through their most trying times in the entire history of the organization. Right before the end of the Second World War, the Red Devils approached Busby for the position after he turned down Liverpool.

Busby wanted more responsibility at Merseyside but his demands were met by the Old Trafford chiefs. He guided the club back to the first division and won their first-ever title in 1952, in five year’s time. He took on the initiative to change the working structure of the club, replacing ageing players with young and hungry prospects, who came to be known as the “Busby Babes”.

That rebuilt side went on to win two more consecutive league titles in 1956 and 1957 along with two FA Cup final appearances. Unfortunately, that was when the Munich disaster occurred which took the lives of so many players and club officials. Busby survived the crash but he was left fighting for his life at the hospital.

While he recovered, Jimmy Murphy served as a caretaker boss. Miraculously, Busby got back on his feet and he immediately thrust himself into the rebuilding process. Within just five years, he delivered the FA Cup in 1963 and then two league titles. The greatest achievement to top it all was the European Cup in 1968. After that season he left the managerial duties to Wilf McGuiness.


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