Man Utd's Haaland transfer worry due to Pogba's agent Raiola

Erling Haaland is supposed to join Manchester United in January. However, the club is worried that if they don’t have Haaland backing up, Paul Pogba might be on the run.

Further, Pogba want to join Real Madrid and he’s made that quite clear. If Haaland slips out of Man United’s hands, it’s likely that their agent, Mino Raiola will let Pogba slip away as well. 

“He is not being sold in January,” said the United boss.

“I hope he will play before the end of the year, but I am not going to push him. I can’t risk any setbacks or injuries.”

Solskjaer added about Raiola: “Players can choose their own representatives.

“I had probably my best friend looking after me and it is so important that every player has complete 100 per cent trust in whoever represents them.

“Agents work for the player. The player is in charge.

“I don’t have any issues about who represents players because I don’t really speak to them. I have got nothing to do with the money.

“I speak to the players when I need to speak to them. I don’t talk through agents.”

Looks like the club is in some danger.

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