Manchester United move for Sandro Tonali

Manchester United are reportedly interested in signing Sandro Tonali.

The United camp have had a horrible transfer track record in the last few years since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. However, the club corrected their way in the last year and a half after appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The former United striker took over the club as an interim boss and was given the hot seat after a brilliant run. The steam has gone off since but Ole has had success in the market.

He has spent a considerable amount in buying players like Aaron Wan Bissaka, Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes already and are now turning their attention towards Sandro Tonali.

The 19 year old midfielder who plays from Brescia in Serie A is a well talked about player. He is being tipped as the next Andrea Pirlo and and has shown abilities where he well might be able to live up to those standards.

United have already signed Bruno and are preparing for life after Pogba. Paul is likely to leave United and signing Tonali will certainly suit the tune of players Ole wants at the club – young and impressive!

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