Michael Owen aims a transfer dig at Man United

Michael Owen has criticised Man United’s transfer business.

Former Reds striker Michael Owen claims United have signed players who looks like they’ve never played before.

He blames United’s transfer activity over the past decade comparing to Liverpool when it comes to bringing in new players.

Owen said: “It’s very rare that five players play well and five players stink the place out, you normally play well as a team and poorly as a team — it effects everybody.”

“When there’s no pressing from the front, all of a sudden the defence looks vulnerable then they make mistakes, it’s a chain reaction.

“Liverpool over the years, no matter who they’ve signed, have been world beaters, then teams like Manchester United over the last 10 years no matter who they’ve signed look like they’ve never played football before it’s changed now.

“But what I’m trying to say is it’s very easy to bring a player into the team or for all the players to play well at the same time it is a team game. We’ve seen that with Liverpool, they either play well or flounder like they did the other night.”


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