Mourinho opens up on last few months at Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho has finally opened up on the last few days of his career at Manchester United.

“If you tell me that in the past season that I had some problems … I don’t want to speak about [that] for obvious reasons,” he said.

“I will not deny to you that some factors had an influence in that the last period was not a good one. It’s impossible to win trophies without a good relationship with players.

“What you need sometimes is to accelerate some process, what you need to be is to be a club man and sometimes to be a club man you need to forget yourself a little bit.

“I think I always did it, sometimes for the good of the immediate needs of the club and group.

“I put myself in situations that in the eyes of people from the outside are not the best position, but I don’t regret that at all because I always give my all for the club.”

“It’s not possible to win trophies without a good relationship with the players,” he said.

“In Real Madrid I won trophies, in Chelsea I won trophies, a lot of them, three Premier League trophies, which is a lot in England.

“In Manchester United I won trophies too, it’s not possible to win trophies without good [player] relationships.”

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