Napoli head makes ridiculous comments out of frustration about Maguire

Napoli president De Laurentiis held back no punches while insulting Harry Maguire.

The cuckoo boss of Naples has had a past of making incredibly illiterate comments and has continued to do so with his latest attention grabbing statements.

Discussing the transfer market and Maguire’s move to Old Trafford, De Laurentiis told ESPN: “The problem of the cost of players is from England because they gross the most amount of money, more than Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

“If a club grosses £800m, he has no problem to offer £80-90m for one player. There is not a real and fair competition between England and other countries.”

“Koulibaly has a release clause of €150m,” De Laurentiis added.

“In England, you know, they can spend €93m on a player that I would pay a maximum of €25-30m for. So, if Maguire costs €93m, then Koulibaly is worth €250m?”

It seems the Naples boss is playing in a transfer window of his own where he only wants his team’s players to be rated highly.

We sure hope to understand what exactly is Laurentiis hoping to achieve out of this statement as another year rolls by with Napoli left without any silverware.

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