Nemanja Matic offers advice to struggling Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire needs some time off to find his ‘peace’.

The Man United skipper is struggling for consistency this season and is failing to live up to his mammoth £80 million transfer fee.

Man United legend Nemanja Vidic who won five Premier League titles and one Champions League trophy has some crucial advice for the struggling Englishman.

The legend said: “It’s clear that Maguire is not at his best this season. I think you can do a few things and one of them is not to play every match as you try to find form again and get confidence.

“A coach could play him in easier games, not that there are many in the Premier League, and take him out for harder matches.

“The player needs to feel powerful and strong on the pitch again, not as it is now where he feels that it’s not happening for him. It’s difficult to play well when you’re under so much pressure because people are waiting for you to make a mistake. You’re asking me this and I’m replying as a coach.”


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