Neville not happy with United being sold to Middle East owners

Gary Neville has said that the sale of Manchester United from Glazers to a Saudi prince, should it go through, will not necessarily be a good thing.

Manchester United were bought by Glazers but the fans have not been happy with the ownership. Constant complaints about the American owners led to questions being asked about the capability and possibly a change in regime.

There have now been reports of United now being sold to Saudi princes, something Gary Neville is skeptical about.  

“What is the alternative [to the Glazers]?” he asked in an interview with The Times.

“It [the club] is either going to go to a Russian family, Chinese family, Asian family, a Saudi Arabian family.

“If it gets sold for £3 billion, it is going to be basically people who have £15-20 billion.

“What are they going to be like? Human rights issues of countries I’ve just mentioned. There is no ideal here.”

“Some people don’t believe [City owner] Sheikh Mansour is a good owner of a football club because of the human rights issues in Abu Dhabi, others would say they have been the most incredible owners,” Neville said.

“They have invested into Manchester, into the stadium, into the team.

“I can see both sides of the story, but what I can see the amazing impact they have made over that side of the city.”

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