Ole Asks For Help From Significant Others For Training United Forwards

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Ole has been making plans of how to keep his players engaged during this unanticipated break.

When the Premier League was suspended on March 16 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Manchester United was sitting fifth in the table. And all the players were forced into self-isolation as the entire country soon went into lockdown, with the 2019/20 season on hold.

Head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has realised the potential of this sudden and rather unwelcome break. He has called upon the significant others (Read: Man United Players Wife’s and Girlfriends – WAGS) of the Manchester United forward and asked them for help.

He hopes to push the forwards into training better and work on their finishing, with the inclusion of their wives and girlfriends. He has told his players to play mock matches and have training sessions with their significant others and other family members, so that by the end of the isolation period, Manchester United can come out in top form.

He has even given a detailed diet plan and training routine for each player individually.

“The players have got individual programmes and they’ve got their own diets, of course, and this period could be used to work on something special, something specific for them and their roles and tasks,” the United manager told the club’s website on Tuesday.

“I’ve been in the garden, with the kids, working on finishing and the strikers should be working on finishing or their movement. Most of the players have got good facilities and decent gardens so, hopefully, their wives and girlfriends will be able to put some passes and crosses in.

Ole has also said that he has been keeping in touch with the players through WhatsApp messaging and through some phone calls.

“I just keep in touch with them on WhatsApp groups and messages, and we plan for whenever we get back and what kind of sessions for when we do start. But it’s such an unknown and we don’t really have an idea and are not 100 per cent about when we’ll start,” Ole added.

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