Ole Gunnar Solskjaer challenges Greenwood to improve

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has challenged Mason Greenwood to improve if he wants to start games for United in the Premier League.

‘If he’d really stamped his authority in training every single day and been the best option he would have played every game,’ said the United boss. ‘As a young boy you expect ups and downs and he’s had some downs – but I think he is on his way up again.

‘He needs to learn the man’s game. He’s gone up from the Under-18s last year, now he’s training with the first team every day and you can’t just turn that switch on and off. You’ve got to perform every day if you are going to be accepted by a group like this.

‘Mason is going to have a very big career, but sometimes is not the right time to play him. He knows why he hasn’t played as much. We’re taking our time with him.

‘It’s been a difficult period. Anthony (Martial) has been away, and to put all the weight on his shoulder wasn’t right either. I think we are finding the right balance between playing him, resting him and training him.

‘It’s always been in our philosophy and my philosophy to give young players with the right attitude a chance. If that takes a couple of years for him to really, really come through, it’s worth it for us.

‘I’m managing for Man United, I’m not managing for me. I managing for the best way I think we can get the best out of Mason.

‘He scored a winner in that game against Doncaster, which always gives players confidence. That was more important for him to play that game and 90 minutes to be ready for these games instead of being on the bench the day after against Chelsea.’

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