Raiola slams Neville

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has been hit back at by Mino Raiola.

“Gary Neville has such a big know-how of football that I’m surprised his Salford City is not in the Premier League already,” he told Talksport.

“He should maybe be on the board of directors at Manchester United. Maybe he should ask them for a job.

“I don’t care what Gary Neville says.

“I have not created any culture of division. I don’t need to defend myself here, the only person I have to explain myself to are my players.”

He explained: “I’m not trying to embarrass the club. I don’t see where I offended the club.

“I have not offended Manchester United, their owners, or their fans in any way.”

Neville had previously said of Raiola,  “It will end with Paul Pogba, I think, leaving Manchester United.

“What needs to happen is that the club needs to make a stance on that agent. That agent has messed them around now for years and years with Pogba and with other players.

“Why they allow him and why they allow themselves to be played off him I’ll never know.

“He’s a serious thorn in the side for them and Manchester United should just stand strong and say, ‘Look, we don’t do business with this guy. If you’re represented by him, we won’t deal with you’.

Look the battle is getting ugly.

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