Smalling admits he misses Manchester United

Manchester United sent out Chris Smalling on loan to AS Roma in Italy.

After having a good start to the season in Rome, Smalling has admitted he still misses home, Manchester United.

However, if reports are to be believed United do not want him back and Rome like him. So by all accounts, he could well be completing a full transfer to AS Roma soon.

Asked if he missed United, the 29-year-old told Football Italia : “I do because I was there for so many years and I was used to be being part of the furniture there.

“But I am enjoying my new chapter, and hopefully I can keep affecting performances on the pitch and we can have a successful season. But right now I’m really enjoying being in Italy.”

“I’m starting to pick up things the manager is saying in Italian, and even with the players I’m lucky as quite a few of them speak English,” he said.

“I’m definitely picking up a lot of football phrases and a lot of basic phrases that are helping me interact with the team on and off the pitch.

“I am feeling very settled; my family is over here and the dogs are over here, so everyone is settled. When my family are happy and I am happy it shows on the pitch.”

“The manager’s targets are not just about getting back in the Champions League,” said Smalling. “It is about winning something.

“That is where my full focus is, and come the end of the season when we’ve won something and achieved something we can see where it goes.

“Right now it is all about focus on the pitch.”

United will probable be able to offload Smalling but is it the right choice given their lack of good centre backs?

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