The mistake Manchester United are making with Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has signed for Manchester United and already has been played in the wrong position.

The centre attacking midfielder was one of the deadliest players in Portugal and was signed for a lucrative fee earlier last month.

However, at United in his very first match, he was pushed down the midfield into a deeper lying role.

His former coach Carvalhal from Sporting Lisbon has been vocal of the mistake at United and has told what the correct position of the player is.

“He is not a number 10,” Carvalhal told Sky Sports. “He is a midfielder but he has developed that ability to break the line of the defence to score goals.

“He shoots, he assists, the passes and the free-kicks. But he is not a 10, he is an 8. He is a box-to-box player who understands very well the game. He doesn’t just play. He understands everything that happens around him.

“He can organise the team, he can talk, he can give feedback. He is kind of like a manager on the pitch. He can organise things in the last part of the pitch. He is a really exciting player.”

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