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If the truth is told, no game in the entire world, let alone football, would be enthralling if it didn’t have two sets of fans going down each other’s necks over silly banters. The supporters are rightly deemed as the 12th man in football; their reactions at a game can actually make or break players.

Manchester United is known to boast the largest fanbase throughout the globe. Thanks to the massive worldwide support they receive, the Old Trafford sees thousands of fans flock into its seats every weekend.

While it does have a lot of friends to feel proud about, Manchester United also has a set of famous celebrities as who support them. Let’s have a look at who these stars are!

10. Rory McIlroy

Former World Champion and number 1 golfer Rory McIllroy has made no secret of his love for Manchester United. He is quite frequently seen supporting them on social media and is probably one of the biggest celebrity fans of the club around.

Apparently, when asked about why he likes the Red Devils, McIllroy said,

“United have had a great knack of producing good football when they need to. It’s something that great players and great teams seem to do. That’s what makes the difference between good players and great players.”

Quite clearly, the class of 92 are a major reason why the golf champion became a Manchester United fan in the first place. Well, he isn’t the first of many to be left dazzled by what that group of young kids did at United all those years ago.



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