United likely to fail yet again in their pursuit for a Saul

Manchester United was built on hard work and soul by Sir Alex Ferguson. 

So when Ed Woodward tries to market that and waive the power of money in front of players now, it might work on some, but won’t on most. 

And one of them today is Saul of Atletico Madrid.

He has been chased and is still being targeted by the club but the player is committed to Simeone and his team. 

“I see things on Instagram or in newspapers which you publish, but I haven’t heard anything from any club,” Saul told Radio Marca.

“I’m focused on finishing this season, achieving the objective [of finishing in the top four] and then dreaming about the Champions League.

“I have a long-term contract, which I signed because I want to stay here. I don’t have any problem staying here because my family are here, it’s my home.

“People say, ‘come out and deny it’, but then if you deny it and something happens, you look bad.

“I just stick to playing football and what has to happen will happen, I’m just focused on achieving Atletico’s target, which is to be in the top four, and then try to get the most desired target of the season.”

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