Woodward - We have made clear progress under OGS

OGS took over at United in December 2018.

It has been two years and 3 months since and United have invested over 300 million.

The club is still languishing in and around the same area where they are unable to string the pieces together for long runs.

However, what maybe obvious for the fans to notice, might have escaped the eyes of United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

Woodward, known for his incompetent footballing opinions, has said that the progress under OGS is clear and noticeable.

Speaking in a statement released alongside the latest set of financial results, Woodward said: “While the disruption to our operations remains significant, we are pleased by the tremendous resilience the club has demonstrated through the pandemic, underpinned by the dedication of our people and the strength of our commercial business.

“We have been reminded of the importance of football as a source of community, entertainment, and pride to fans around the world, even as we have sorely missed them at Old Trafford. The progress made by Ole and the players this season is clear and our thriving academy and women’s team are also adding to the optimism we feel about the future on and off the pitch.”

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