How Rooney inspired an international athlete

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney was the ultimate professional, as hailed by English cricketer Jofra Archer.

The English international fast bowler is only 24 years old and is now playing the ICC Cricket World Cup. When he was young however, he remembers how he fell in love with Manchester United after playign with Wayne Rooney.

“It was probably 2007,” Archer recalled,  “and I’d just recently got a Playstation, and the first team I played FIFA with was Manchester United.”

Rooney was in hot form in 2007 and Archer remembers the golden days of the United forward.

“I liked Rooney – I thought he was the best player, and he probably had the highest rating on the game, as well, at the time.“

“Wayne was still a bit young then, but he was a senior player and looked the business,” Archer told us.

Rooney was known for his excellent shooting and Archer compares himself to the footballer.

“When I play, I’m a striker as well, and I just loved to see him shooting. It didn’t matter if he was in or outside of the box. As long as he was shooting, I was happy.”

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