Why United are at fault for Rashford missing the season

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford is more or less out for the season.

Who is at fault?

It was not a collision injury. So was the player negligent? Rashford is one of the hardest working players who aspires and maintains high levels.

Hence, the only remaining and possibly most believable culprit is United. 

They overplayed their only star and to a point where they did not care about his career but simply their objectives. Class A mishandling of a player. Congratulations Manchester United. Here is what the cluless man of the season, Ole, had to say.

“I would hope he’s playing this season. It will just be touch and go towards the end.

“Hopefully we can get through this tournament and prolong the season. It takes time, I’m not a doctor.

“I was hoping he would recover quicker than what it looks like he’s going to be out for.

“Another few months definitely. If he’s not fit enough he won’t go (to the Euros). He had a scan and it was maybe more severe than what we hoped and expected.

“He felt fine a few days before that. I didn’t know it takes that time to recover. When it heals he will be stronger for it so it’s important we don’t rush.”

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