Dalot completely in support of newbie Bruno Fernandes

Diogo Dalot is in support of Bruno Fernandes for his debut Wolves game.

“The players knew Bruno was a very good player of course,” Dalot said, as per Sky Sports.

“It’s different seeing him abroad and then seeing him in training every day. He’s going to bring us a lot.

“I knew him and I think he’s going to be a very good player for us and he’s going to help us build this team.”

“For me, it was not a surprise and I think that he is going to show us a lot more that he did today but it was a fantastic debut for him.”

“I had Portuguese coaches and staff when I came,” the right-back said, having been brought in by Jose Mourinho in 2018.

“They helped me a lot and when he came I try to do the same because he had a Portuguese guy, a player that he knew.

“I’m just trying to help him settle in with the whole team.”

Solskjaer is also pleased with Bruno.

‘You can see Bruno is a top player. Of course it’s the first game.

‘First half everyone was more or less getting the ball into feet and Bruno is one of those who, when he gets the ball into feet, he wants players running, wants players moving in front of him and we didn’t move enough in front of him.

‘So we felt we moved him further back to get him on the ball more. He’ll be a top, top addition.’

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