OGS - We lost to the best team in the country

Manchester United lost to Manchester City last night and OGS admitted that the better team won.

“You know City can score great goals but when you concede goals like that from set pieces, it’s very disappointing,” he told Sky Sports after the match.

“When they play well, we have to play really well and that’s the reality of where we’re at. This is a much better version of Man United than the semi finals against City last season”

“It’s still not good enough and we have work to do, it’s a time to dust ourselves down and get ready for the FA Cup, the league and then back to the Europa League.”

“It’s not psychological,” he said about losing four semi finals. “Sometimes you meet good teams in the semis. We met, at the moment, City are probably the best team in England.”

Guardiola’s side were disrupted by a running number of CoVID cases and Pep admits he does not know what is happening.

It’s a mystery. Nobody knows what happens when you pass Covid-19. Some guys recover well, some guys recover really, really badly. Nobody knows. We will see in training sessions how they react,” he said.

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