Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince has slammed Jose Mourinho for the present shoddy condition of the club insisting the manager should expect to be fired very shortly.

Mourinho has failed to deliver this season as United have endured a difficult season so far. The Red Devils are no where near the top six in the Premier League and their Champions League ambition is also in trouble having lost the last match to Juventus.

Mourinho seems to have the vote of confidence of the club hierarchy as of now but it remains to be seen if the situation worsens how long the manager manages to hold on to his post. T

There had also been rumours of his possible sacking but after victory against Newcastle United and an enjoyable draw with Chelsea has changed the scenario.

Ince said, “It looks to me like Jose Mourinho is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

“Realistically, he wants to play defensively and nick a one nil win, but he knows that the fans and players at United won’t accept that. And they’re right not to.

“We’re three seasons into Mourinho’s reign now. There are no more excuses. You’ve spent a lot of money, if I was managing a team and they’d given me three years, and it was clear we weren’t up to standard, I’d expect to lose my job.”



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