Pogba Willing To Move To Real Madrid

Paul Pogba wants to play for Real Madrid.

He has stated that quite clearly he would like to play for Real Madrid one day during a press conference on Thursday, the day after their 7-1 friendly win over Ukraine.

“Many things have been said,” Pogba told. “Of course, every footballer would love to play for Real Madrid and would dream about that. It’s a dream of mine, so why not one day?

“But I’m at Manchester United and I love my club. I play for Manchester United, I want to perform well for them and do everything to get them back to where they deserve to be. I will give everything to the max, like my team-mates.

Pogba is not in his best form right now, however. Ever since he got tested positive for coronavirus, his performance has been poor, especially when he missed a penalty during the 6-1 shock defeat against Tottenham on Sunday.

“At the moment, I am in Manchester and I am concentrating about getting back to my best form.

“I think there will be a moment when the club will come and talk to me and maybe offer me something, or not. So far, nothing has happened. I can’t tell you something that I don’t know.”

“Every player goes through difficult periods but you have to be strong mentally and we all need to try and get the team back to where it belongs,” Pogba said. “It belongs at the top, fighting for trophies, that’s the club’s ambition. We know it’s not easy, but that remains our objective. We are fighting for that.”

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