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Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes is of the opinion that the Red Devils should look at Mesut Ozil as a short-term replacement to solve their creativity issues. United have struggled to score more than 1 goal since their 4-1 win iver Chelsea in the first league game of the season.

The Red Devils are direly missing Paul Pogba and a thin squad is also the reason why the club have garnered immense criticism in recent weeks.

Mesut Ozil has been frozen out at the Emirates by Unai Emery. The German playmaker has made only two appearances this season, with only one of those coming in the Premier League.

“We think you might have got the answer though [to United’s problems] – Mesut Ozil,” Scholes said.

“I knew you wouldn’t want me to say this on air but we were watching the game and you said someone like Ozil would make a real difference in this team.”

“He’s completely not involved for Arsenal this evening.”

“Yeah, I can’t understand it. I think he’s a player who can link a team together,” said Scholes.

“I think he’s got great quality, he’s shown that in his career.

“He could be an answer short term, I don’t know.
I think that would be up to him ultimately, if he wants to take a pay cut.”

“No, I probably can’t [see it happening] but I just think he’s the type of player, short term, that Manchester United could do with.”

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