We dont need CL, we have quality football to attract top talents - Ole

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the gift that keeps on giving – to everyone but his team.

The delusional manager has now claimed that United will not need Champions League to attract top players – as their brand of football and their success (4 trophies since Fergie left 8 years back) is enough to get anyone on board.

This comment comes a month after the club failed to keep a 34 year old washed up defender at the club despite promising him captaincy – Ashley Young.

“The Champions League gives the club more resources, more money, that’s one thing,” said Solskjaer ahead of Monday’s blockbuster trip to Chelsea.

“It’s a prestigious tournament to be in, of course.

“But doing as well as we can, and if we play well the rest of the season, and players that we might want are impressed by that, it might be easier to convince them to come here.

“But I don’t think one season – this season is the Europa League – if next season is with or without the Champions League, I wouldn’t say that’s the be-all and end-all for a player to sign for us.”

We have even lost the heart to criticize or make fun of his ability as a manager now. We just want him to get well soon. 

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