Why Rashford is too good for United

Manchester United star striker Marcus Rashford is too good and will do better at Manchester City.

On a radio show, Adrian Durham has said that Marcus is too good for United.

“I actually think he is too good for Manchester United,” Durham said of Rashford.

“This is hypothetical of course but in your mind’s eye just imagine he was at Manchester City and he gets that first-team chance at Manchester City, does what he does and then is learning under Pep Guardiola over the past three, four years, can you imagine how good he might be then?

“I already think he’s terrific, I think he’s a terrific player.

“But imagine how much better he would be if he’d been at Man City where they’re settled, they’re learning from a coach, look how good Raheem Sterling’s become. I think he would be bordering on world class right now.

“When they first burst onto the scene, Rashford and Mbappe were at a level – Mbappe’s gone through the roof, because he’s been able to be in a settled, winning team that’s winning domestically, winning with his country as well.

Marcus Rashford has had to go through different managers, in and out of the team, some managers liking him, some managers not, different positions.

“Should he be slumming it in the Europa League? I personally don’t think so.

“I think he’s a Champions League player, I think he’s that good, I think he is selling himself short being at Man United.”

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